Skyler Update

2 Months

Sky has grown up so much this month! She's already starting to outgrow her 0-3 month clothes.

She is becoming a little social butterfly, and starts grinning and cooing as soon as you look at her. :)

She likes tummy time, is holding her head up, and rolled over for the first time (tummy to back).

She's a pretty good sleeper. Steven rocks and sings her to sleep (so sweet!!) around 8. Then she usually wakes up twice to nurse, around midnight and 4am, then goes right back to sleep. Then she's up for the day around 8.

She's not on a set nap schedule yet but she takes about 4 naps a day. Sometimes the middle ones are combined if Kay doesn't wake her up when she gets home from school.

She is exclusively breastfeeding now, aside from the occasional bottle of formula because I just can't find the time to express milk.

She does not like car rides. I sit next to her and talk to her or try get her to suck on my pinky, but sometimes nothing works.

Unfortunately, she won't take a pacifier. Oh well, at least we won't have to break the habit later!

She just adores her big sisters, and they love her to pieces!

She always does a goofy half smile when you blow raspberries.

She still has her crazy mohawk, even if you try to brush it down after a bath. And by the way, she loves baths and showers!

She likes noise. She gets fussy if there's no talking, music, or white noise.

She loves being worn in the baby sling. She's not too fond of the stroller.

We moved her into her own room a couple weeks ago and she did great. She sleeps really well in her crib.

She's starting to reach for things but can't pick things up yet. I also noticed she makes eye contact and smiles at me from all the way across the room now.

She actually likes being changed and doesn't cry at all during diaper changes, even with cold wipes. That's nice, because I remember my older two always crying during diaper changes.

She loves being outside and going for walks.

My nickname for her is Monkey, because she always clings to my shirt like a little monkey. :)

3 Months

She's been drooling and gnawing on her fist a lot, so she might be starting to teethe!

She's a great sleeper in the sense that she usually sleeps through the night, from 8pm to 4am. If I'm lucky, she will nurse and go back to sleep until 8am. But sometimes she wants to get up and play at that time, and by the time I get her back to sleep, the big kids are waking up for the day.

Her personality is really blooming! She is so social and happy. Kaylee nicknamed her Skyler the Smiler, lol.

She does get super fussy when she's alone or it's quiet. When Kay is at school, it can get pretty quiet, and the only thing that calms Sky down is some loud music.

She's starting to get some motor control. She's been trying to reach for toys and sometimes succeeds in grabbing them. And she's stopped pulling her own hair, hopefully. I hate it when she shrieks in pain randomly, and it turns out she has a fistful of her hair and is yanking on it!

She's been doing great with breastfeeding. She doesn't need help to latch on anymore.

She won't really take a bottle anymore, but I'm not too worried about it. She'll be starting solids in a few months anyway.

She's doing a lot better in the car, and usually stares out the window while we drive now.

She's starting to get a little separation anxiety. If someone besides us holds her, she starts to fuss.

She's gaining weight well and is already 13 pounds! She's in mostly 3-6 month clothes.

Can't wait for the next month of watching this little one grow up! I just hope it doesn't go by too fast!!

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Janine Huldie said…
Omg, she is adorable and really love the pic of all three girls together!! <3
Launna said…
She is growing so quickly... she looks like such a happy baby... and I love her hair xox
She is so beautiful!! I especially love the pictures of all 3 girls and of you, Steven, and Skyler.
Anna said…
I can't believe she's two months already!!!
Goodness, she's adorable! And, she's looking so much like her sisters!

Happy to hear she's doing so well.

(Side note: B didn't really take a paci until almost 4 took a lot of me trying, but helped so much!)

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