Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Hello Kitty shirt from Japan, present from Uncle Cody :)

She let my mom do her hair.

Kaylee gave Daddy a very pretty gem to signify that he was royal, lol.

Brynna was building a tower just for the baby.

I edited Steven's beard to be really long LOL. He was less than amused. xD

They found am inchworm.

Kaylee named him Peter. Many tears were shed when it was time to release him back into the wild, lol.

Kaylee got an award for "always having a positive attitude towards teachers and peers" :)

Smiles for Nene :)

Super cute outfit, present from my Aunts Jade and Karen.

Just found this pic on my phone from when she was brand new. <3

Selfie by Brynna, hahah.

Coconut, chocolate, and strawberries is actually a very yummy combination!

Brynna thought this giant moth was just adorable.

"Monster with big teeth" by Brynna

Found a show I actually like watching with the kids! lol

She was very proud of her bubble beard.

Rocking the baby, what a sweet big sister <3

Took this picture of Sky the other day...

And this is a flashback to when Brynn was a baby!

Brynna decided to "experiment" with the baby formula... I caught her in the act, and she goes, "Don't look at me!" lol

One of Kaylee's first times writing ehr name in cursive. :)

Some of B's recent drawings.

These were my hair ties when I was a kid.

Porch picnic!

For Halloween this year, we had 3 little ladybugs :)

And 2 furry butterflies! lol

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Teresa B said…
love the ladybugs, but I guarantee that I would not calmly hold that month in my hand...

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