Friday Finds and Favorites #22

I totally forgot to prepare a post for today. This whole week just went by in a blur. Steven has been fixing up Brynna's room, so she's been sleeping in our bed. Then Kaylee has been coming into our bed too because she apparently gets scared sleeping alone. This is the same kid who insisted she wanted her own room! And the baby has decided that midnight to 6am is plenty of sleep for her. On the plus side, she sleeps 6 hours straight, which is good at least. Anyway, needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted. Oh well, as my grandma always told me, this too shall pass!

Alrighty, link up your favorite finds for this week, or just your favorite post of the week! Please pay a visit to my awesome co-host, Anna, and feel free to grab a button (optional). Have a great weekend, everyone!!


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