Wordless(ish) Wednesday

The kids helped me wrap this one, lol.

In their matching Hanna pjs on Christmas Eve. :)

They did not understand why there was a tree inside or why I asked them to lie in front of it for a pic LOL.

Christmas Eve with my in laws. :)

All ready for Christmas morning. :)

Love this present from my mother in law!

Brynna woke up first and opened one present while waiting for Kaylee to wake up. Of course, she picked the biggest one. And her main goal seemed to be to rip the wrapping paper off in as many pieces as possible, lol!


Opening their presents. :)

Putting together Brynn's new trike.

Aries trying to help, lol.

Brynn wanted to give the dogs their present.


Her sisters got matching dresses. :)

Gotta love Christmas day clean up!

Then my mom came over with even more presents, even though she already gave us Hanukkah presents! She spoils us!!

Nesting, lol.

My presents from Steven. <3

Pjs and slippers from my mom. :)

New nightgown from Mommom (my mother in law).

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!!

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mail4rosey said…
I'm glad you had a nice holiday. Everything looks great, and the kids look full of sparkle and happy, just like they ought to. :) Happy New Year to you and your sweet family. :)
Janine Huldie said…
Aw, still cannot believe the holidays are all but over now, but does look like you had a wonderful time and so glad to see all your pics from it now ;)
Anna said…
Looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas and Hanukkah.:) I love the wrapping job on that first present! ;)
Rory Bore said…
awwww, that bow in her hair picture is too cute!! adorable. Looks like a beautiful Christmas you had!

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