Brynna - 3 Years Old!

Wow, I can't believe Brynna is 3! She is getting so grown up!!!! (Her actual birthday was December 6 but I am late getting this up.)

She is still just the sweetest kid. She loves to snuggle and is very concerned when someone hurts themselves.

She is 37.5 inches tall and 36 pounds. She's in mostly 3T size clothes.

She adores her baby sister, and is only a tiny bit jealous of her sometimes. She calls her "Sigh" or "Sylah" and is always wanting to snuggle with her. :)

She loves drawing, painting, coloring, and playing with Play-doh.

Her favorite shows right now are Bubble Guppies, Yo Gabba Gabba, Super Why, and Strawberry Shortcake. And her favorite movie is probably still Frozen. She sings along to all the songs.

She copies Kaylee and tries to tell knock knock jokes. They usually make no sense but are hilarious anyway, lol. Like one of her recent ones was, Knock knock - Who's there - Poop - Poop who? - Poop on you!

For a while there, she was into pretending to be a baby and be carried around. Now she is all about being a big girl and doing everything all by herself. She insists on getting dressed by herself every single day.

One day recently, she suddenly stopped calling us mama and dada, and started calling us mommy and daddy. Sometimes she just calls us mom and dad, lol.

She really never went through the terrible two's. She does say no and misbehave sometimes, but if you get annoyed or try to admonish her, she immediately runs to you and gives hugs and kisses. If she thinks you're mad, she says, "I sorry! I sorry!"

She is a bit clumsy, and they think it's related to the Apraxia. But it's not serious enough to need physical therapy and hopefully she eventually outgrows it. She does tend to trip a lot, but she hardly ever gets upset about it. Just brushes herself off and goes back to playing. :)

She loves music. And she's just entranced when she sees someone playing an instrument.

She and Kaylee have been having a lot of sibling rivalry lately. They're the best of friends one minute, and screeching at eachother the next. They also fight over who gets to hold the baby and help me with her. It drives me nuts, but I guess it's a normal sister thing.

I've noticed that she's become a lot more confident and social now. Instead of hiding behind my leg when she sees new people, she says, "Hi, my name Bynna!" And she is just really coming out of her shell more, and showing her silly side. :)

She loooves our dogs. She snuggles them every day and gets very excited when they come somewhere in the car with us.

She can play simple games on the computer now. She likes ABCmouse and Starfall.

She says her favorite color isn't orange anymore, it's blue.

Her favorite foods are probably carrots, pizza, pasta, chips, and chocolate.

She loves all animals. She gets so excited when she gets to pet someone's dog or cat. She even gets excited when she sees squirrels and birds outside, lol. She also still loves bugs. Whenever she finds a bug in the house, I hear her go "awwww!" lol.

Her favorite toys are her doll house, train set, tea party set, and various stuffed animals.

She's been going to play based speech therapy once a week, and she loves going. (She has Childhood Apraxia of Speech.) She has a really great therapist, and is making so much improvement!! She is talking in complete sentences now. Sometimes I feel bad because even with signing, we can't always understand her, and strangers often can't. But we just try to stay positive, and focus on all the progress she has made.

She had been having digestion issues and hadn't really gained weight the entire past year. After multiple doctor visits and many tummy aches, we took her off gluten and she is doing much better. In fact, she gained 3 and a half pounds in just the past month since she went gluten free!

She was mostly self-weaned by the time she turned 2, but she did nurse a bit this year, usually just when she was hurt or sick. Then when her stomach aches got worse, she started nursing more. I figured maybe the milk would help her or at least comfort her, so I let her. Now that she's feeling better, I decided to fully wean her. She had some tantrums but quickly got over it.

With the stomach aches and then weaning, she became very attached to her pacifier. But then one day, shortly after she turned 3, I explained that it was bad to her teeth and she decided to throw it away! She hasn't asked for it since!!

Some days she will nap but most days she doesn't anymore. Sometimes she just dozes on the couch for a bit during quiet time. Her bedtime 8, and she's really good about going to bed. She hops in bed after we brush teeth and sometimes she falls asleep before I can even get in to tuck her in. (I feel so bad, but when Steven is working late, I am putting 3 kids to bed by myself and I just do the best I can!) She still wakes up a few times during the night, but she usually goes right back to sleep if I tuck her back in tell her it's not morning yet.

I just love how much of a person she is now. She's at the age where she understands things, like holidays and birthdays. She was so excited for Halloween and trick-or-treating. She was telling everyone "Happy-ween!" And she LOVED Christmas. She kept acting surprised that she was getting yet another present, and said "Thank you!" a million times, lol.

On her birthday, Steven gave her a toy fox as a present when she woke up. She was very happy that it was her birthday. She wanted a sausage and a bowl of ice cream for breakfast, and was very surprised that we said yes. We went to my mom's house for a small family party. My mom and Aunt Denise got her a couple presents, and Aunt Laura brought delicious, gluten free cupcakes. It was really nice. She happily yet calmly accepted all the extra attention (in true Brynna style, lol).

We also had a joint party at our house for Brynn and Kay. I took some pics of the decorations beforehand, but didn't really get any shots of the party itself. It was nice though, quite a few family members and friends came. The girls had a lot of fun and loved their presents. :)

I really can't believe my Brynna Bear is 3! She's such a nurturing big sister, a (usually) sweet little sister, and just an amazing little girl in general. I am so proud of her, and can't wait to keep watching her grow up. ♥

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Kristina said…
Adorable! And apparently "poop" is a favorite right now. :) Have you heard of probiotic foods helping with gut issues? Donna Schwenk's page (Cultured Food Life) might have some info on that. She's on Facebook, too.
Anna said…
She is just too cute! Three is such a fun age. Their personalities really come out more and more each day!
Lindsey Paris said…
Great collection of photos. Frozen is my current movie, too!
Happy birthday to Brynna! There is something magical about three....and the sibling rivalry. It's something special, isn't it?

The pictures of all three girls together are perfection!

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