Baby Sky Update!

6 Months

Skyler the Smiler is officially halfway to her first birthday!!

Sky is doing great. :) She is now 18.2 pounds.

She's in mostly size 9-12 month clothes.

She recently cut her first 2 teeth! And they are very very sharp, lol.

She loves food and is getting pretty good at feeding herself. We do a mixture of BLW and spoon feeding; it just depends if we have the time and energy to let her get all messy or not. She has a sippy cup of water with meals.

She can sit unsupported now.

She gets into the crawling position, and tries very hard to crawl, but ends up going sideways or backwards. With her determination, I'm sure she will figure it out soon!

While her teeth were coming through, her sleep was terrible. She was up fussing on and off, all night long. But lately she's been sleeping from 8pm to 7am, just waking up to nurse a few times, then going back to sleep. So hopefully we are on the right track to sleeping through the night soon!?!?!!

She usually has two 1-2 hour naps a day. Sometimes she dozes off for a short evening nap too.

She nurses every 3 or 4 hours. She has become particular about it and will only nurse when I sit in the rocking chair.

She has been so energetic lately. It's getting harder to change her diaper and get her dressed because she is just such a wiggle worm.

She is always happy. She giggles, squeals, and coos all the time. She literally screams in excitement when she has a bath, lol.

7 Months

Sky now weighs 19.4 pounds and is 27.5 inches long. (80% for both, I think.) She's wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes now.

She eats solid food about 3 times a day now. She still nurses every few hours, around the clock.

She's not crawling properly quite yet, but is sort of pushing up then plopping forward. She eventually gets where she's trying to go, lol. Also, she can now pull herself into a standing position.

She is so happy and excitable. She seems to be over her shy phase and will smile at strangers who say hi to her.

She is getting really interested in our dogs and loves to pet them.

Her sleep habits have been pretty crazy lately. She has an hour long morning nap, then usually refuses her afternoon nap. At night, she goes to bed on time, but then wakes up halfway through the night and won't go back down. I don't turn the light on or let it be play time though, which is something I gave into with my big kids. They are actually finally sleeping through the night most nights, so if I'm firm, hopefully Sky will eventually catch on too!!!!!!

She's always had some patches of skin that were red and irritated, mostly under her arms and diaper area. But now they seem to be worsening, and are on her cheeks too. So I think she may have inherited my eczema. :( Hopefully it doesn't get any worse.

When went for her check up this month, she knew what was up. She started clinging to me and whining the minute we went in the back area. It was adorable but also pathetic, I felt so bad for her because she was obviously scared!! She screamed bloody murder when they gave her the vaccines. Luckily, when I picked her up, she was immediately fine. She was happy as a clam when she realized we were leaving, lol.

My absolute favorite thing this month is that she has learned to give hugs. She is always randomly hugging me. It's just about the sweetest thing ever. :) I can't wait for the next month of watching her grow up!

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Mel Of Bacchus said…
Oh my goodness, she looks exactly like her Daddy too!
Anna said…
Where does the time go?!! I love her nickname. :)
I swear you were just announcing your pregnancy with her! Now she's eating food, sitting and cutting teeth??? She sure is adorable!

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