Friday Finds and Favorites #31

If you guys are beginning to get to know me, you will not be at all surprised that my find of the week is (once again) cookies! I was browsing the gluten free section on Amazon Prime Pantry and saw these:

I was like, oh the kids probably won't try them because they are weird flavors. But they looked good so I decided to get them anyway. (I may or may not have been hoping they wouldn't like them so I would be forced to "not let them go to waste" lol.)

So initially, they wouldn't try them. But then they wanted a bite when they saw me eating one, and they loved them. :) I was only a tiny bit disappointed that I wouldn't be having them all to myself afterall, hahah.

These cookies really are delicious, and I consider myself to be somewhat of a cookie expert. ;) They're not only gluten free but also pretty much dairy free. The label says they may contain trace amounts of dairy, but it wasn't enough to cause my skin to flare up.

Udi's also has several other cookie flavors (and brownies!) which I would love to try. We already get their bread, bagels, granola, and muffins regularly. Definitely a great brand that has made our transition to being gluten free a lot easier, and tastier!!

Alrighty, link up your favorite finds for this week, or just your favorite post of the week! Please pay a visit to my awesome co-host, Anna, and feel free to grab a button (optional). This hop will run all weekend. :)


Paula Rockwell said…
Hi! Happy Friday and thanks for hosting :)
Anna said…
Those cookies look delicious! I'll have to keep them in mind after my Whole 30 in March. ;)

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