Uncle Coco Visits :)

A while back, my friend Cody came to visit us. (I've been friends for him for over 10 years now, so he is like an uncle to my kids.) He brought lots of goodies, mostly from Japan, some from Australia. :) We mostly hung out at home because we're boring, lol. We did go to Milburn Orchards, which was fun. The kids loved climbing through the tunnels and pretending to be mountain goats. I made friends with a cow. :) I just realized I had the pics sitting in drafts, so I figured I'd share them!

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Sarah Coggins said…
What great photos! The orchard looks like fun.
Anna said…
Sounds like a fun visit!
tenderfootmom said…
Cute pictures...looks like a great day out x
Kimberly G said…
Fun pics. I love pumpkin picking. Stopping by from Mommy & Me Monday.
Aktar Hossain said…
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What a great friend! The girls look like the love the headphones. And, you had a great outing, too!

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