Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Some of B's little drawings

I love her imagination, lol

Sasha decided to destroy my favorite comforter xP

Possibly my favorite 2 pics ever <3

I guess this is how Brynna sees herself. This is how she made her avatar on ABCmouse. And she told me those are meant to be her sunglasses, lol.

Brynn likes to befriend stinkbugs. She goes "C'mon, little fella" and takes them outside to be with their family, lol. I'm surprised she hasn't had one get stinky on her.

Making a cake with daddy :)

My mom is so awesome to come help me out with things <3

Selfie by Kaylee, lol

Brynn loves her new hat from her aunts J & K and her new boots from her Nene!

My darling children like to be sure I get to see the beautiful sunrise

Recent sister moments

Kay's friend had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. The kids had a blast!

My little alarm clocks, hahah!

Whenever my cactus blooms, it means something good is about to happen :)

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Lissette said…
Thank you so much for hosting! <3
Anna said…
I love Brynna's drawings. You may have a little artist on your hands! Do you love ABC Mouse? I've thought about getting it for D.

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