Friday Finds and Favorites #35

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a good St. Patrick's Day! We are not Irish and do not really celebrate it, but we did wear green and do some research on it. (Kaylee was curious, as usual!)

Anyway, I am excited to share one of my latest finds today. :) Babsy B is a really neat company that has a lot of fun, educational products for babies and kids. I was given the chance to review 2 board books and CD of children's songs.

The board books have quickly become nap time favorites for us. Where Is Monkey? is geared toward age 0+ and is in black and white. It's a simple book, and Skyler (7 months old) just loves it. The minute I open the book, she is memorized and wants to touch every page as I read it. The book recommends that you sing it to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?" Sometimes I sing it, sometimes I just read it. It's fun to switch it up. :) Brynna (age 3) also likes this book, she likes to answer the question every time I ask her where monkey is hiding (a question that repeats throughout the book). And since she has Speech Apraxia, we are always looking for fun ways to encourage her to practice her speech.

VROOM! Honka! BOOM! is recommended for age 2+. I usually read it to Brynna, and she loves it. The cover suggests to sing the words to the tune of "Hot Cross Buns" but Brynn prefers to read it normally. She enjoys repeating all the sound effects. As a bonus, the back of both books have some activity ideas to do with your kids. And I always appreciate ideas for fun things to do, because apparently I can be a little boring. My kids always say that their dad is the fun one!

As for Today's Song, the CD, all 3 kids love it! My husband and I like it because honestly, we have 3 kids, and we are SO TIRED of all the common nursery rhymes. I really like that the songs do not all sound exactly the same, so the CD doesn't seem to drone on and on. It keeps the kids interested and happy in the car. This CD is geared towards ages 0-5+ but Kaylee is 7 and still likes it. Brynn was very excited to hear that there was a song about being 3 years old. And both of them love the song about dinosaurs!

As I was exploring the Babsy B website, I noticed that they also have early reader and activity books for older kids! I am planning on ordering these for Kaylee to try and keep her busy during the summer. :)

You can also find Babsy B on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. :)

Disclosure: I got free stuff and shared my honest opinions about it!

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articles said…
It's so important to have kids' books and CDs that you don't mind reading and hearing over and over again!! Have you read Bear on a Bike by Stella Blackstone? We love that book and the others about the same bear.

Thanks for hosting the linkup!

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