Kaylee - Seven!

I am super late getting this up, but as of January 28, we officially have a 7 year old!

Kay has been doing so great with her school work and homework. We've been getting her harder and harder math books because she complains that first grade math is too boring, lol.

This kid is truly too smart for her own good. And very opinionated. She definitely keeps us on our toes with her questions and ideas.

She and Brynna have a love-hate relationship. They argue, then they play, then they fight, then they comfort eachother. It drives me nuts, but I guess it's a normal sibling thing.

Kay just ADORES baby Skyler. When she is sad or stressed, she goes and hugs Sky, and it turns her mood around immediately. She has been a such a huge help with her too. She rocks her when she's fussy and even changes her diapers!

She was doing great in gymnastics. She is super determined, has no fear, and has endless energy, so it was a really perfect activity for her. But then she decided she was tired of it and wanted to do martial arts instead. We plan to move this June though, so we are waiting until we move to sign her up for any new classes.

She was very into being a doctor for a while, and obsessed with her anatomy books. Now she's back to wanting to be a marine biologist. She loves watching educational shows about ocean animals.

She's still gluten free and doing great with that. No digestive issues or trouble gaining weight this year. She's still a bit of a picky eater and would probably eat plain pasta for dinner every night if I let her. But she does try new things and is slowly added more foods to her accepted list, lol.

Kaylee really thrives the more responsibility you give her. When she has a task to do, she takes it very seriously, and tries her best at it.

She has a lot of friends and plays with them a lot, but has been getting somewhat frustrated with them lately. I think it's because she can be a bit bossy, and a lot of the time she is a little TOO imaginative. She has all these ideas for games she wants to play, which involve complicated story lines, but her friends usually prefer more simple games. I'm hoping in time she'll meet someone who has a similar personality who she can be really good friends with.

Kaylee is always humming with energy. She loves playing outside, going to the skate park, and going hiking. If she is cooped up in the house for too long, she starts literally bouncing off the walls.

She also has this serious, quiet side. She likes to concentrate on an project or task and see it through til the end. Still, even when she is serious, she is still filled with energy. It's just an intense, quiet, and focused energy.

She also has this super silly side. I know she gets it from me, lol. We both get into hysterics sometimes and just can't take anything seriously. Sometimes I am desperately trying to get her to calm down and be serious, and I realize how aggravating I must have been to my mom as a kid, hahah.

She is very into fashion. She definitely has her own unique sense of style and she is always saying she needs more clothes, lol. And she keeps asking me to learn how to do more cute hairstyles for her.

She loves music and dancing, and so do her sisters. We often break up the day with dance parties. :)

Her behavior in school is still great, which we are very relieved about. On the down side, because she bottles it up at school, she sometimes has a huge meltdown as soon as she gets home.

We had a joint birthday for both Kaylee and Brynna, because that's what they wanted. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but it was really fun. A lot of family and friends came, and the girls felt really special. :)

Kaylee's spirit is truly something special. She has this intensity, this drive. She NEVER gives up, once she sets her mind to something. She is very emotional and in touch with her feelings. She is honest to a fault, and capable of understanding really complex concepts. She has a never-ending curiosity, and a strong sense of justice. She spends a lot of time wishing she could help all the homeless people in the world. She always talks about how she wants to adopt orphans when she grows up, instead of having children of her own. I worry that she is really too young to have all these thoughts and worries, but that's just who she is. She has even become interested in politics. Her view is, every human being, regardless of age, should have equal rights and should never be forced to do anything they don't want to. Of course, she always mentions this when I'm trying to get her to do something she doesn't want to do, like shower or go to bed on time!

She does still struggle with sleep issues and having meltdowns. Earlier in the year, we hit a low point and decided to try being more strict, which didn't work at all. Then we turned to medication, which she had horrible reactions to. I think we just really let the judgment of society get to us. Whenever she has a meltdown in public, everyone seems to think that she is a brat who just needs more discipline. But we have to focus on what's best for Kaylee and our family, not what other think. So we are just working with her to use her coping mechanisms that she learned in therapy. It's rough sometimes, but we just focus on the positive and celebrate every small bit of progress.

Raising Kaylee, so far, has honestly been much more challenging than we bargained for. But it has also been more rewarding, surprising, amazing, and fun than we ever could have imagined! I know she is going to drive us crazy as she grows older, but I also know that she is going to make us into much better people. I feel so beyond blessed and honored to be her mom. I can't wait for the next year with her, I just hope I am up for the job!!

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Kristina said…
You guys are so cute. I'm glad she is doing so much better.
Lindsey Paris said…
Congrats on your SEVEN year old. That was my favorite age as a child.
7 is awesome and amazing and fun and crazy all at the same time! It's so great to see her grow and develop these last couple years! And also, she's looking more and more like you every day!

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