Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Before and after haircut, courtesy of my mom :)
Brynn put on snow pants under her Princess Anna dress, which actually kinda makes sense xD
Apparently the tie from my bathrobe makes a good headband for Michiko the ninja princess
Kay's snowflake project turned out to look like a monkey lol
Bryn drew Steven "with crazy hair" xD
Sky, lately :)
She learned to bang 2 blocks together to make a noise
Kay's St. Patrick's Day artwork
Bryn's St. Patrick's Day artwork
Flashback to baby Kaylee. Oh if only I'd known how fitting that shirt was, hah!
Taking a break after performing emergency dolly surgery

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Cathy Kennedy said…
Cami, I took lots of pictures of our kids when they were small, but that was in the pre-digital world day. I love how photography has evolved with technology and makes life so much easier. I will snag your WW button and add it to my Photography Hop page. You're welcome to join my #WW linky party. I'm in the #1 spot on your link up. I'm now following you. Have a good day!
Anna said…
Love Kay's art work! <3
Jenn said…
What a great bunch of shots...memories in the making!

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