Wordless(ish) Wednesday Link-up

We made baskets at arts & crafts time

Brynn drew this. I'm sure what it is but it looks like a sad alien trying to get away from a giant fried egg and a small sailboat xD

Some of Kay's schoolwork, aww <3

Oh you know, just getting some laundry done..... lol

Wearing her strawberry hat and strawberry dress, drawing strawberries, and insisting I refer to her as Strawberry Shortcake

Why do my kids have the urge to stamp their own foreheads???

Not too fond of being put down on the grass, hahah!

Brynna just being Brynna, lol

Sky, lately :)

My mom is seriously awesome for visiting so much when she lives so far away <3

Brynna designed her own shirt :)

"We're playing trains together, isn't this great?!" "Uh yeah... when is your nap time again?"

Sky loves banging things together to make a noise. Bryn's like, that's not what you do with train tracks! lol

More of Bryn's little doodles

Steven saw a double rainbow at his work

No pot of gold at the end of this rainbow :(

Link up your wordless/wordful photo posts! Taking a button is optional. :) For more Wednesday link-ups, check out my blog hop library.


Theresa Mahoney said…
Your girls always make me smile. They are all just so sweet and getting so big!

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