Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Kay's friend had her birthday party at the roller rink. We all had a lot of fun, but Brynn couldn't skate by herself so our backs were so sore the next day!

In case you couldn't tell, she's a Pokemon trainer!

Her outfit was not complete without frog goggles and sandals with socks.

My little cupcakes :)

Kaylee wanted to try babywearing, lol.

Tie-dye bandannas will be in my shop soon :)

After nursing the baby, I need a leetle snack ;)

I wasn't feeling well so Steven watched the kids and brought me some soup <3

I'm not entirely sure I was supposed to find and upload these xD

My in laws got this new dog. His name is Brutus, isn't he adorable?!

Another new item now in my shop; personalized onesies :D

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The girls are getting so old! They're beautiful!

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