Skyler Update!

8 Months

Sky is doing great! She is getting so big, and smart! And she has definitely been getting a bit of an attitude, lol.

She is crawling around and getting into everything. It's getting tricky to change her because she just keeps trying to roll over and crawl away, lol.

She is a great eater and loves feeding herself. She still nurses 4 times a day and twice during the night.

She's been babbling a lot this month. She'll imitate us when we say dada and baba. She can also click her tongue!

She weighs 20 pounds now, so she's gained about a pound this month.

She blows kisses and dances to music now. Super adorable!!

She's been sleeping really well lately. She takes 2 naps a day, and sleeps pretty good at night. She still wakes up twice, sometimes 3 times, to nurse, but then goes back to sleep.

She's generally a happy baby, but she has been throwing little temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Most of the time, she wants something that's not baby safe, and starts crying as if she's injured when we take it away, lol.

She's figured out how to press big buttons that she can hit with the palm of her hand. She can also hit 2 blocks together to make a noise. She sometimes gives high fives, when she's in the mood.

I've noticed she recognizes her name now. :)

9 Months

She can sign more, wave, and clap her hands.

She adores her sisters and is happiest when she can be with them. :)

She is very attached to her blankey now. We usually only give it to her at bedtime but sometimes it calms her down when she teething and cranky during the day too.

She eats whatever we are eating at this point. I just mash or break it up and put it on her high chair and she gobbles it up.

She still nurses when she wakes up in the morning, before both naps, before bed, and once or twice during the night.

She's been pretty miserable from teething lately. One of her top front teeth is poking through but she's still working on the other.

She's really good about going to sleep by herself. I tuck her in and turn on her glowing lullaby giraffe, and she cuddles her blankey and usually goes right to sleep.

She gets so excited to read now. Some of her favorites are Pat The Bunny and Where Is Monkey?

She drinks out of a bottle or sippy cup now, but usually only a few sips of water at meal times. She still won't take formula or breastmilk.

She can climb up the stairs now!

She has started throwing temper tantrums when we change her. I try to change her while she's crawling around to avoid her screeching, lol.

She says Dada, Mama, and Nene (which is what my kids call my mom). I'm not sure if she knows what they mean yet or if she's just imitating us. She also imitates gaga and baba.

Can't wait for the next month of watching my little monkey grow up!!

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Paula Rockwell said…
Hi! I think at 8 months Sky knows exactly what she's saying! It's so cute hearing their tiny voices saying real words :)

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