Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Wearing the shirt she designed. The kid sure has a unique sense of style, that's for sure!

"They went that way" hahah

I made a shirt for Steven :3

Sky was not into modeling my new headbands, but luckily Bryn was happy to help me out :)

My little angel <3

It's blurry, but I got one of her standing!

We made a bed for Kaylee's baby fairy, that I got from this adorable shop: etsy.com/shop/DreamingofFaerie

Brynn had to go to the hospital recently because she was having trouble breathing. Luckily, they quickly diagnosed her with croup and got some meds into her. I guess she wasn't too traumatized because now she is telling everyone about her exciting ride in an ambulance. I am still not over the scare she gave me though!

New bodysuit (apparently we're not allowed to call them onesies because Gerber has it copyrighted) that will be coming soon to my shop! And there is an adorable little boy version as well :)

They are so silly!!

One of Brynna's Play-doh creations

Seriously, I am so clumsy!

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Launna said…
Look how grown up they are... it's crazy how fast they grow... they are beautiful xox

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