Skyler Update!

10 Months

Skyler is doing great!! She is getting so big and learning so much every day.

She is usually a very happy baby. She is affectionate and always happy to give us hugs and kisses. She's pretty good about playing with her toys and doing her own thing when I am busy. She loves her blankey at bedtime or when she's cranky.

She is a great eater, she eats everything we eat. She cut 3 more teeth this month, so now she has 4 on top and 2 on bottom. She wouldn't cooperate and be still when I tried to weigh her, but she's somewhere around 21 or 22 pounds. She's still nursing 4 times a day; when she wakes up in the morning, before both her naps, and before bed. She has been sleeping through the night lately, but knowing my kids, I'm not going to get too used to that!

She has learned so much this month. She shakes her head to say no and she hides her face to play peekaboo if you say, "Where's Skyler?" And she can stand up all by herself now! She falls a lot, but she keeps trying. When she sees pictures of food in books, she makes pretend eating noises. It's so funny!

She loves being read to, and helping me turn the page. She also loves baths, as long as it's with one of her sisters. If she is cranky, going outside always cheers her up.

Her least favorite thing is getting changed. She usually throws a giant temper tantrum when you try to get a diaper and clothes on her.

She is saying mama, dada, and Nene (my mom). She signs more, all done, and nurse.

11 Months

Sky took her first step alone this month! Now she is able to take a few steps before falling.

She hasn't been waking up to nurse at night anymore, but she has been nursing a lot more during the day. She's also been eating more solid food. So I guess it's no surprise she's now up to 25.2 pounds!

She wasn't sleeping very well for a while there, but now she is usually sleeping through the night from around 8:30 to 6:30. She dropped her second nap recently and just takes one nap from about noon to 3.

She's getting such a big personality. She has a serious attitude that comes out whenever she doesn't get her way, and she really has a silly sense of humor. She makes funny faces and poses just to make us laugh.

She says dada happily in the morning and when Steven gets home for work, and she says Nene (my mom's name) when she visits. She usually screeches MAMA MAMA when she wants me, lol. She also says ball, wawa (water), and maybe a few others.

Sky actually just had her first birthday yesterday! But I'll have to get that update written sometime this week. We are just settling into the new house and unpacking everything. But Sky is doing great. :) She is toddling everywhere and she is so proud of herself!!

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