Mommy & Me Monday

Hi everyone! Sorry I never got my FFaF hop posted. We all got colds. Thankfully, the kids were fine the next day. I'm still stuffy, coughing, and am dealing with engorgement because Skyler weaned abruptly. Oh, and I fell down the stairs and hurt my tail bone. Don't I just have the best luck?! Lol, but anyway, these pics are from like 2 months ago, but I realized I didn't have a post for today, and this was sitting in drafts. It was a nice day together, with a quick visit to the doctor and then a trip to the park. Steven doesn't take the most flattering pictures of me, but at least I'm in some of them!


That looks like a great park!

I hope you are now feeling better along with the girls. Did it turn out to be a nursing strike or a full on weaning?

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