Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Brynna turned her letter practice into a picture of a monster truck xD

Kay's Mother's Day present for me ♥ Yes, it's decorated with a slug, lol

When her blankeys are in the wash, she accepts Steven's undershirts as a replacement. Apparently they have a similar texture.

Brynn drew Nene (my mom). I think she did a pretty good job, lol!

Apparently clam chowder makes her soo sleepy, hahah

Kaylee set out our toothbrushes for us <3

Steven doesn't always take pictures, but when he does, they're very..... interesting XD

Sky's signature face, the scowl-pout

She looks just like her dad!!

This counts as a play pen, right?

Happy to be sitting in a big chair with her sisters!

Sometimes the kids make dinner

Being silly with her new Pikachu (which cost a ridiculous $17)

She wanted me to take a pic of her haircut so she could see it (I just trimmed a couple inches off)

They always like to eat together, out of the same bowl, even if I give them separate bowls lol

Someone enjoyed her first taste of chocolate pudding!!

Giving Aries a hair-do, hahah

Brynna wanted to write her own label on her box of stuff when we moved, lol

Selfie by Skyler, lol

Bryn's smile, hahahahah

Skyler signing candy after me showing it to her just once! I guess sugar is a good motivator 

My honey bee :)

Perfect view of the sunset from my window! :)

Happy boy <3

Trying to get Steven to stop doing yard work and play

Such a big girl during the day, but still my baby at bedtime

Big sissy pushing little sissies at Home Depot

We have a second grader!!!

New backpacks!

Uh oh, someone got into their big sister's Pokemon cards. And looks pretty pleased with herself!

So cute with her bloomer shorts and mullet

My little gymnast, trying to give me a heart attack again

Stealing Grandpa Dave's snacks

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