Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Skylo Ren. Heheh, I crack myself up.

Brynna's first time playing a board game. :)

When I asked the kids to change out of their school clothes, I wasn't expecting them to come down looking like this, lol!

I made gluten free ravioli and it was rejected by Kaylee. But hey, at least Brynna appreciated it!

Brynn is having a lot of fun learning her letters at school. :)

Snuggles with Uncle Zeke. :)

Something woke Sky up from her nap and Bryn ran in to sing to her. <3

We may or may not have picked this pediatrician for their awesome waiting room.

She got her shot like a pro. Stayed perfectly still, didn't cry, and even thanked the doctor afterward!

Wearing one of my baby outfits.

Me as a baby in I think January, 1988.

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