Mommy & Me Monday

Hi everyone! Once again, I didn't get any mommy & me pics this week. But once again, I found some pics in drafts that I was too disorganized to remember to post. So I guess this time, two wrongs made a right? :D Anyway, these are from 2 recent trips to the park. See if you can spot the shot of me throwing a tantrum, and the one of the kids crying because it was their first time on a see-saw without stabilizers, lol. Also, the one of the awesome doggie that we met with only 3 legs who could still swim and run! (Oh and ps, the child that isn't ours is Kaylee's friend, Kaylee. Yes, it's confusing as heck when she is over to play, hahah!)


You all have some great parks and great adventures.

That dog is pretty much amazing.

And, I had a giggle at the friend with the same name. Not confusing at all. There are three girls in my daughter's class that are the same or the same with A at the end. They never know what it going on!

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