Birthday Updates :)

Brynna - 4 Years Old

As of December 6 (yes, I am super late getting these up) my little Brynna Bear is 4 years old! She is doing so great. She is 3'5" tall and weighs 40 pounds, and in mostly 5t clothes already. She loves Paw Patrol, Strawberry Shortcake, and Mickey Mouse. She doesn't have a favorite color because she loves all colors.

She's doing great in school and loves going. She recently switched from half day to full day preschool because she said she was ready to stay all day. I was concerned that she gets distracted too easily but her teacher told me that all the kids her age do so I'm not worrying about it for now. She can count to 20 and do very simple addition. She's been learning about rhyming words and likes to make up little poems and songs, which is too cute. She is talking really well, with just a few issues that are considered age appropriate at this point. She is still working on letter recognition but making fast progress with it. She still loves drawing and I have soo many notebooks filled with her adorable little doodles, lol.

She's doing well in dance class, and has her first recital this July. :) She might do ballet/tap again starting in September, or she might switch back to gymnastics. It's up to her. She also might start piano or violin lessons soon, if she decides to. She has always loved music so we are looking into that for her.

Brynna is a big animal and nature lover, like me. :) She adores our doggies more than ever and is always snuggling with them. She got a parakeet for her birthday which she named Sunshine. She pets him every day and is trying really hard to teach him to talk. She also loves pretty much all other living creature that she sees, not just animals but bugs and plants, too.

Brynn is really the sweetest little kid. She compliments random people and tells them they are beautiful. She is so good with her little sis and really never gets jealous of her anymore. She does have a major attitude towards family when she gets cranky, and definitely has some crazy sibling rivalry going on with her big sis. And she does NOT like to be interrupted; she will screech every time someone interrupts her, lol. But still, she will always feel bad and apologize, and she will calm down and behave if you gently remind her.

She recently had dental surgery and did really well. She got some fillings, caps, and protective coating. (She and Kaylee both have enamel degeneration no matter how well we take care of their teeth.) She was pretty much fine as soon as she woke up, just a little snuggle time and a popsicle, and she was good to go home.

She has been wanting to get her ears pierced for a while, so we finally gave in and took her to get it done as a birthday present. She didn't cry at all, and she really likes her earrings. :)

Things I never want to forget about this age: She is so empathetic and intuitive. She always asks me why if I am making a "sad face." She always sees the best qualities in everything. She still says pupcake instead of cupcake and hopdog instead of hotdog. She has the funniest expressions and silliest jokes.

Kaylee - 8 Years Old

On January 28, Kaylee Baylee turned EIGHT!! It seems like she is growing up way too fast. She weighs 55 pounds, is 4 feet tall, and a size 8. (Still a bit small for her age, but that's nothing new, and she's growing steadily. :) She loves Shopkins, Legend Quest, and Harry Potter. Her favorite color is turquoise. I swear every day she gets smarter, and more energetic! I do not know where this kid gets all her energy from. She never stops. She is always cartwheeling and doing flips around the house.

Kaylee does great in school. She got good grades in everything on her most recently report card. She is really smart, sometimes she gets so bored doing her homework. She has extra work and does educational computer games as well. She also loves learning about different subjects. For the longest time, it was marine biology, but now it is midwifery. She says she wants to be a midwife when she grows up!! She is a unique kid, for sure.

She is doing great in dance class, although she is very enthusiastic even when she is supposed to try and be more calm and graceful. I think it's good for her to work on that so she may stay in ballet. She says she might want to switch back to gymnastics in September though, so we shall see. She also loves swimming, which is like the only thing that actually tires her out, so we definitely have to join a pool this Summer. She really likes riding her bike and she got a skateboard for her birthday so she's been learning to ride that too.

Kaylee still has the most fiery temper. She is stubborn, fierce, and tough as nails. She's honest to a fault, which can get a little awkward in public, lol. She really tells it like it is, and she is not fooled easily. I always make the mistake of trying to explain things to her as if she is a child but that never suffices. She asks so many questions that I eventually feel like I'm talking to an adult, lol.

She is a leader, and is always organizing people to play games that she invents. It's awesome at times, but sometimes she gets a little too bossy. She is aware of it but it's hard for her to let anyone else be in control. Honestly, sometimes her dad and I have NO IDEA what we are doing when it comes to parenting her. We honestly just try our best and hope we are not messing up too badly. I always say, she will do great things if she can learn to channel her powers for good!! Hahah.

Things I don't want to forget about this age: The fact that I can still, just barely, carry her up to bed after she falls asleep on the couch or in the car. The fact that she still wants me to sing her to sleep occasionally. The way she always tries to find ways to help and make things easier for me.

Skyler - 18 Months Old

Can't believe Sky is 1 and a half!! She is growing into a mischievous, goofy, affectionate, energetic, stubborn little kid. She is 25 pounds and 31 inches tall now, and in a size 18m. She loves Elmo, Mickey Mouse, animals, stuffed animals, her 2 special blankets, giving hugs and kisses, and running around destroying the house!

She can eat with utensils and drink out of a regular cup now. She can say owl, hotdog, Elmo, Mum, Dad, eat, cheese (eese), yum, ball, doll, milk, poop, apple, roar, help, up, hot, Nene (my mom), waddle (when you ask her what a penguin does), water, and maybe a few other words. She signs potty, orange, eat, candy, strawberry, cold, caterpillar, butterfly, and probably more that I'm forgetting. She does the motions for a few songs, like the Itsy Bitsy Spider. She sings the song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and hums a few other songs. (So cute!!)

She recently cut her 2 year molars, and when that happened she started nursing again. She was going like 3 days in between nursing, so I was really surprised when she started to again. She used to sign 'milk' to nurse but now she calls it "nin."

She WAS sleeping through night, but then she hit this horrible sleep regression. She was sleeping maybe 3 hours a night altogether. We made her crib into a toddler bed, got her a nightlight, got her a new pacifier, and have been leaving her door open. She's been doing a bit better with those changes, but she's still not sleeping through the night.

She can do somersaults, although she often flops sideways, lol. She has been interested in pottytraining, and sometimes she will pee on the potty if she's running around naked. She's a great eater, she will usually eat whatever I give her. She has such a silly sense of humor and always tries to make us laugh.

Usually she's a pretty chill kid, although she does have an ornery streak. She has started throwing these giant tantrums when she doesn't get her way, where she just lies on the floor thrashing and crying until she exhausts herself. Might be the terrible twos starting, or just the fact that she hasn't been getting nearly enough sleep lately. She's also been hitting lately, which I know she picked up from Kaylee and Brynna hitting eachother. -_- I've been telling them how important it is to be gentle, and teach Skyler to be gentle. They've been getting better, although sometimes they just hit eachother where Skyler can't see. Gotta love sibling rivalry, lol.

Things I don't want to forget about this stage: She plays pretend. She's such a good little mommy to her dollies. She sips pretend tea and eats pretend food during tea parties. She brushes her hair back behind her ears. She gives the most enthusiastic hugs.

I can't wait to keep watching these silly, quirky, sometimes infuriating, beautiful little girls grow up!!

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