Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Aries, in his new bed.


Aaand he just couldn't help himself, he had to chew this one too!

This kid. Oi vey.


(Pretend) fishing.

Taking a break.

Kaylee is obsessed with twins so I got her these. She named them Ryan and Rynn.

Trying to lay in Sasha's bed, now that he destroyed all of his.

Mr. Sunshine is peeking around the side of a spare mattress, chuckling to himself about making me search the whole house for him!

As long as I can still get away with it, I will dress them in matching pjs. ^_^

All 5 of my babies. :)

"I look just like Dora!"

Trying on big sister's helmet and elbow pads.

She wanted me to take a picture of her with her new pencil case.

The opening pose to a dance routine they made up.

Steven made cupcakes for a school event.

Trying on her dance recital outfit.


Discovering the joys of thrifting.

In dance class.

They had an in school field trip with EcoAdventures and got to see a bunch of neat creatures. Brynn is still excited about the "adorable" giant centipede, lol.

My geeky husband, doing his geeky stuff, lol.

Someone loves her Nene!

Brynna getting a cavity filled, she wanted me to take a picture and actually thought it was a fun trip. Partly because she got a prize afterward, lol.

Lol, I couldn't resist.

Trying out some dog beds at the pet store, hahha.

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