Why am I a crazy-hippie-activist-weirdo who breastfeeds in public and posts breastfeeding pics online? Well, let me break it down for you.

Breastfeeding in public  normalizing breastfeeding  raising breastfeeding rates. And studies show that if breastfeeding rates rise in the US, that could save us a lot of health problems, lives, and money!

Basically, I feel as if this is a small way I can help NORMALIZE breastfeeding. That is something that is important to me and I think we should always actively stand up for what we believe in!

I explain it more in depth here: Breastfeeding in Public o_o

Emma Kwasnica explains it better than I can in this post: Why SEEING breastfeeding on Facebook, and in real life, is important.

If you feel the same way, feel free to add yourself to the linky and/or grab one of my NIP buttons. :)

Note: I am not against formula feeding moms. In fact, I did a mixture of breastfeeding and formula-feeding with my daughter. My passion for normalizing breastfeeding does not include any negative feelings toward parents who use formula. But I believe that if we use formula, it should be for our own reasons, and not because we are pressured into it. Unfortunately, many moms wean due to lack of support and the way society treats breastfeeding as taboo. I think all parents should be respected, no matter their parenting choices.


Savanna Rose said…
I'm a breastfeeding Mama! I take pictures of it all the time and I'm going to grab a button :) love this idea!!!
Harley Cocks said…
I've only just seen this!! Grabbing a button now ;)

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